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Personal Defense Solutions International (PDSI), in partnership with Integrated Defensive Fighting Systems, Inc. (IDFS), is proud to present Haganah the most effective self-defense system available today. The Haganah advanced combat system is based on both Israeli martial arts and military tactics as used by Israeli Special Forces operatives.


Haganah, the most effective self-defense system available today, has been developed from the tactical experience of Israel’s Special Operations and Counterterrorist units.

Haganah techniques have been proven in combat situations and carefully adapted for street oriented self-defense.

Haganah incorporates both unarmed and armed fighting strategies. One of the most important features of the Haganah system is that it is continuously enhanced. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) periodically updates its hand-to-hand and other combat techniques. Haganah integrates those updates after adapting them for use by civilians and law enforcement. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating the tactics used by other Special Operations Groups. There is no ego in the Haganah system. We use the best of the best in self-defense and combat methodologies.

Haganah’s Training Method

Haganah trains its practitioners in a military format. At its core, we have carefully picked two sets of the 18 most common street attack scenarios to train. The first set of 18 counterattacks consists of empty hand strategies addressing unarmed assailants and the second set of 18 counterattacks consists of knife attacks and gun threats. Training is conducted in parallel in a four-month rotation system.

Our four-month rotation has been proven effective in producing rapid retention of the Haganah system. Our practitioners are exposed to the entire core system in four months.

Haganah utilizes training methods and certain tactical components of Israeli military KAPAP and LOTAR. KAPAP is the teaching system used in the Israeli military and is the Hebrew acronym for "Face to Face Combat". LOTAR is the system used to teach advanced tactics to Israeli Special Forces in anti-terrorism.





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