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Combat Fitness

Combat Fitness is a complete body conditioning and development program incorporating cardiovascular, strength and self defense skills. Combat Fitness includes stretching, moving, striking and practicing on bags or pads using gloves.

Combat Fitness strengthens and tones your entire body and will boost your energy level, not drain you. You will see noticeable improvements to your body composition, stamina and overall health.

We have added "application specific exercises", which strengthen and increase flexibility in the muscles and joints you would use in a self-defense situation.

Combat Fitness classes are designed to train cardio and strength, speed, power, agility and endurance. You will gain the ability to go all out for short periods of time - critical in a self-defense situation. Combat Fitness also enables your body to perform effectively under periods of high physical stress - again crucial to your safety.

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Phase I - Introduction
(2-Day Course)
Friday, July 31
Phase II
(2-Day Course)
Friday, August 8
Phase III
(2-Day Course)
Friday, August 15
(2-Day Course)
Friday, August 22
Dallas Workshop
(2-Day Course)
Friday, August 29





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